Health, Safety & Environment

We work on projects and in environments that are by nature challenging and sometimes hazardous. Our priority is to ensure that all Volga Gas, subsidiary and contractor employees work in a safe environment, where effective systems of work are maintained and appropriate procedures and processes are in place.

Areas of focus  
Awareness, competence and behavious. We select our people with care, train them in key safety-related skills and competences and regularly assess their performance.
Suppliers, contractors and partners in the supply chain. We rely on suppliers, contractors and partners to carry out our work safely and effectively. We ensure that they are aligned with our HSEC expectations and we monitor their performance agaisnt these expectations.
Customers and products. We assess, manage and communicate the hazards associated with our products, communicating topical information to help usesr handle them in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner.

We are committed to continuously improving our health and safety performance. Health and safety is a never-ending journey, not a destination.  We work hard to ensure that suppliers and others meet the high standards we set ourselves.

Health and Safety Risk Management

Risk management is a central part of our strategic management. We believe that investment in education and continual professional development leads to more effective risk management.

Drilling Risk Management

As drilling operations can pose significant risk, we continued to utilise the skills and knowledge of supervisors on-site which has enabled us to define and manage risk more clearly.  We select supervisors for their expertise as well as for their familiarity with the regions where we operate. They understand local working practices and look to enhance the education and training of our contract drillers.

Environmental Responsibility

We work hard to protect our people, their communities and also the environment, both close to our projects and in the wider world. The environmental performance of our operations has implications for our relationships with our people, their communities, partner organisations, the media, governments, investors and other stakeholders

Reducing Emissions Continuously monitored - We continuously seek new initiatives to reduce emissions and monitor the impact we have on the environment.
Zero discharge of chemicals to land or surface waters. Continuously monitored
No loss of containment of product Continuously monitored
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