Dobrinskoye License Area

The Dobrinskoye Licence Area is located 5 km from the Vostochny-Makarovskoye Licence Area is and encloses the producing Dobrinskoye gas and condensate field.  The field was discovered by a LUKoil Group entity.  The licence was acquired at a government auction in 2006 by GND, and brought into production in 2010 when GND was owned by Trans Nafta.  In 2011, GND was acquired by the Volga Gas group.

The Dobrinskoye field has two producing wells on it, #22 and #26.  Gas and condensate from these wells is processed at the gas plant, also owned by the Volga Gas group, which has a direct connection into Gazprom’s regional gas transmission system.

During 2012, both producing wells on the Dobrinskoye field were partly re-drilled, sidetracking the original wells into higher locations in the main gas reservoir.  This operation has enabled production of the field to be fully restored.

The Dobrinskoye field is jointly operated with Vostochny Makarovskoye and shares the common processing facility on the field site.  During 2012, GND was merged into another Volga Gas operating subsidiary, GNS which is now the entity that owns and operates both licences.

Dobrinskoye gas field and processing plant

In April 2011, Volga Gas purchased the company OOO Gazneftedobycha (“GND”) whose principal assets were 100% interests in the Dobrinskoye gas field and a gas processing facility constructed on the site of the field.

After the acquisition by Volga Gas, a project to upgrade the processing capability and capacity of the gas plant was initiated in 2012.  By September 2012, the early stages of the upgrade were completed enabling the plant to process the gas from the VM field.  In November 2013, the plant upgrade project received construction approval following which the throughput was increased from 250,000 cubic metres per day up to 500,000 cubic metres per day.  It is the ultimate aim to increase throughput up to 1,000,000 cubic metres per day, which was achieved in early 2017.  In  May 2017, a new Redox based gas sweetening process was implemented at the gas plant.  This process enabled significant savings on chemical consumption , resulting in lower variable costs and the elimination of waste products, although the maximum sustainable throughput is estimated at 800,000 cubic metres per day.

In 2014 a feasibility study concluded that a project to modify the gas processing facility and to include extraction of liquified petroleum gases ("LPG") would be economically beneficial.    Construction of the plant commenced during 2017 and was completed in April 2018.  Since then the plant has been operating on a test production basis and is expected to complete commissioning by the end of 2018.

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